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The office is always brimming with activity and energy, making it a good place to find someone interesting. It is not unusual to feel attracted to someone at the workplace, given the time you spend there. However, workplace relationships are far more complicated than your usual relationships. Thats why its important to tread more cautiously. Have you been wondering if a male colleague is attracted to you? Do you feel that a male coworker likes you? Are you here because you want to know what signs indicate a male coworker is into you?

Well, if a male coworker likes you, it might get confusing for you because most colleagues are helpful toward each other and many strong friendships blossom in workplaces. If you feel a male colleague is giving you more attention than usual, he might be interested in you.

Maybe you have similar feelings as well. It might be that you want to know whether you are interpreting his behavior correctly before actually concluding that your male colleague likes you. In any case, a wrong move can affect not only your relationship or friendship with him but also your professional life. Thats why, after reading this article you will be able to make an informed decision.

15 Signs Your Male Coworker Likes You

2. He will find ways to bump into you or work with you

3. This male colleague is always eager to help you

4. Signs your coworker has feelings for you: He notices every detail

5. Hes always trying to talk about things outside of work

6. He pampers you and treats you better than anyone else

7. He compliments you for all the little and big things

8. He wants to go out with you after office

12. He gets terrified if you talk of switching your job

13. He wants to know about your personal life

14. You talking about other guys will annoy him

15. Youll see his friends teasing him when around you

Usually, the signs of a guy liking you are quite similar to the signs of a male coworker liking you, but he may not be as upfront in approaching you for the fear of sabotaging his professional life. Put yourself in his shoes for a second, he wants to be as professional and respectful as possible, so its possible hes shy about letting you know he likes you. This is exactly why noticing the signs your coworker has feelings for you is important.

You could be a colleague or you could be in a different position in the hierarchy. Nevertheless, unless you are sure that he likes you, you should not infer anything. If youre thinking does my male coworker like me? because he handed you over that file a little too nicely, you might just be lost in your own head.

Professional relationships can turn sour and ugly if you wrongly interpret a mans friendly behavior and equate them with flirting. At times, your or his job can also be on the line as a result of any such premature moves. Before making a move, you need to be sure if you are correctly interpreting the signs a man is attracted to you at work, and if you are willing to take things forward with him and even get into a workplace romance.

Read these 15 signs carefully in your male coworker to find out if he likes you. If he is into you, these signs will spill the beans. If not, however, at least youll know its time to re-download that dating app.

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Body language at the workplacecommunicates intentions very efficiently. You will have to observe him for a couple of days, but youll come out with a fair idea of just what he might think of you.

Do you see him constantly looking at you? Maybe from across the hall or during meetings? When you both are working together, he doesnt lose a chance to look at you from the corner of his eyes. If your male colleagues eyes are always finding you, then this is the first sign and a quite clear one to know he may be attracted or interested in you.

If you feel the same way about him too, consider upping your dressing game a little to leave a more lasting impact on him. But keep it subtle. You dont want to walk into the office with a complete makeover. Thatd be a dead giveaway. Instead, make small but noticeable changes. Order a few new lips colors that accentuate your lips and make them seem irresistible.

Wherever you go in the office, youll find him around. Initially, it might be a coincidence and he would be glad to put it that way. But gradually, youll know when he finds excuses to work with you on the same projects or keeps bumping into you, whether it is the cafeteria or even when you are around some other colleagues. A dead giveaway will be if he tries becoming friends with the closest of your office pals.

If he is there to give you company for lunch and coffee, even if you have changed your usual times, it is clear this guy likes you at work. If you notice this often, we have a smart trick for you. Get yourself a premium perfume that is different from your signature fragrance. That way, you can stir him up just by walking past him, leaving a lingeringtrail of irresistibility behind.

A man who is already fawning over you will go over the tipping point with this slight change. And will know that you are egging him on to act on his feelings. If he has been holding himself back owing to a lack of clarity about how you feel, this will crack open a window of possibilities.

So you have a very helpful colleague, who makes your tasks easier to complete. He is always there to help you. Not only help, but he will guide you or let you know some well-guarded secrets of the job or office. In fact, he might even discourage you from asking other colleagues for help. This ought to be your hint because selfless people are rarely to be found.Romancing your cubicle buddyisnt hard when you coat it with helpful surprises.

Although do keep in mind that he might just be someone whos helpful in general. If so, it doesnt necessarily mean your coworker has a crush on you. The answer to how to tell if a guy likes you at work cant really be found in the smileys and the always happy to help he ends his work emails with, youve got to look a little deeper than that.

If hes going out of his way to help you, thats when you know theres something here. A simple text or an email or a 5-minute favor isnt really one of the best signs a male coworker is attracted to you. But if hes staying late with you to help you out with a project that will benefit him in no way, you should know hes going to think about you on the drive back home as well.

He may not have a strong memory, but he remembers everything you said or things you do. Maybe one day you wore a dress of his favorite color and he mentioned that in a conversation sometime later. They might not be big things, but very small details like the footwear you are wearing or a bracelet you usually wear but forgot someday and he asks about it.

Not sure if he isactually paying attentionto you or are you cooking it up in your head because you have feelings for him? Well, try to mix things up a little about the way you dress. If you typically wear pants to work, order a few pencil skirts. Or replace your striped shirts with fancier silk ones. If he notices it instantly, you know your assessment has been on point. He does pay a lot of attention to you.

Think about it, hes a little too attentive forjusta colleague, right? This is definitely among the signs that your male colleague is attracted to you. One of our readers, who is now married to her coworker, said that during their courting period he remembered small details about her like the fact that she only drinks black coffee and needs a minimum of five pens and a highlighter at her desk to get work done.

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He will find out the topics you like to talk about and he will come around to start discussions on them. Talking only about work may not give him enough time to be around you, especially if you do not work next to each other. So initiating these discussions is his way of getting to know you better and spend more time with you.

It could be about any social issues, a sale nearby, best restaurants or whatever interests you. He wants to know more about you as a person, not just a coworker. Sometimes he might even do the opposite, start discussions about things you dont like because you cannot resist those topics and youll jump into the discussions.

Imagine one day you tell him youre into books, the next day he comes to work with a novel of your favorite author in his hand, making sure you can see the book on his desk. The efforts he makes to get you to talk says a lot about how much your male coworker likes you.

He seems to be well-acquainted with other coworkers as well, but you do not see him putting effort into pleasing them. But when it comes to you, the game changes. He will bringchocolates or pastriesfor you and say I was just passing by so thought of getting these for you.

He may sometimes even get coffee for you. Or if you are swamped with work, hell come around and remind you of the breaks you need to take. Hell want you to spend time with him during breaks as well. Yes, honey, your male colleague is definitely into you.

On the other hand, it can be just as embarrassing if you think that the coffee he got you was one of the biggest signs a male coworker is attracted to you, but then you see him getting coffees for everyone because thats just the kind of person he is. So before you sit on your high horse thinking does my male coworker like me? just because he got you a coffee, notice how he treats other people.

You look great today, this color looks wonderful on you. I noticed youre wearing your hair differently, its nice. Are you donning a new perfume? Smells great. These arent things an uninterested coworker will notice and compliment you on, so keep an eye out for the kind of compliments he gives you.

If he notices the difference in your hair or the earrings you wear to work, there isnt even a debate about whether its one of the signs a male coworker has a crush on you or not. Unless hes into the makeup industry and wants to become a hairstylist, chances are, hes taking note of how you like to dress since he cant get his eyes off you.

This is a very obvious sign. If a guy iscomplimenting you often, he clearly is interested in you. Say you are having lunch with a bunch of your other colleagues, yet this slips his mind and unconsciously he isnt even hesitant about complimenting you. He might even appreciate you doing well at office tasks. This just shows how much this male coworker likes you.

You have a bond that extends beyond the office as well. Thats not unusual. After all, our colleagues gradually become our friends. But whenever he asks you for plans after office, he wants it to be only the two of you. It is never a bunch of friends. He will always want a movie, a coffee or dinner just with you rather than a group of people around you. You guys text a lot, you have phone conversations after office where he explicitly mentions no shop talk.

Slyly dropping it into a conversion, he might say Theres this great new coffee shop that opened nearby, wants to go and check it out with me? Whats important here is the implication that he wants it to be just the two of you. That is how to tell if a guy likes you at work or not.

The fact that he initiates most of it clearly shows that he wants to have a bond outside the office and a bond more than work colleagues.

Flirting is another obvious signand like all the girls you can read this very efficiently. He will tease you about small things, irritate you, and then will find cute ways to make it up to you. He will crack a lot of jokes to make you laugh, sometimes he will pass cheesy compliments also to make you smile.

If youre still asking yourself does my male coworker like me? when he calls the way you laugh cute, you might just be ignoring all the signs your coworker has feelings for you. Yes, the constant compliments and the giggles and smiles he gives you can count as flirting, so dont turn a blind eye to this.

If its only you who he flirts with, then his intentions are clear. He is interested in you, no matter if he met you at the workplace. Its an absolutely clear sign your make coworker has a crush on you.

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He will often mention what traits of your personality he likes, and he will say things like he has never seen a girl like you. Maybe he admires your intelligence, firmness, or many other things. Hell talk about how sometimes you have inspired him to do well.

If youre his superior at work, however, he might just be after a raise. Make sure its clear from his actions that hes not complimenting you to get some gain out of you, and that he genuinely means it. A compliment before he eventually says So, can you cover for me this weekend? isnt really a compliment.

You are in a meeting and you put up your ideas, but they get rejected by the masses and even when he knows that idea is not good enough, he will support it during discussions. He defends you or supports your view in public in meetings or at discussions.

Or he will try to help you and guide you if he feels you are wavering off-topic during a meeting. You will always find him around to save you because he is attracted to you and likes you immensely.

After a bad day at work, you obviously dont feel great. He will sympathize and console you if you didnt have a good day at work. Hell stick around to make you feel good or motivate you. Hell freak out if you think of quitting your current job and finding another.

If you find him coaxing you to stay put in your current job and not switch, it is one of the most common signs a man is attracted to you at work.

He is curious about your personal life more than your professional life. He will find excuses to bring up your personal life more often. He wants to know what your relationship status is or if you are interested in someone outside of work.

Soon he will know all about your family, friends and other details of your personal life. So what do you like to do for fun? followed by a 2-hour long conversation solely about you isnt something guys do with anyone theyre not interested in. If hes putting in the effort ingetting to know who you areoutside of work, its one of the biggest signs your coworker has feelings for you.

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Whenever you talk about your crushes with him, it freaks him out. He gets jealous; either he avoids the topic or whenever such topics start, he excuses himself from the conversation. Because he does not want to imagine you with someone else. This particular male colleague of yours would not like you to have friendly conversations with other men in the office too. So how do you tell if a male coworker likes you? Well, if he frowns when another man approaches your desk, even though its for work, he surely likes you.

Whenever you are near him, you will find his friends pulling his leg or teasing him indirectly. Such jokes are very common and even though people think that they are teasing them in an indirect manner and girls might not understand, but if you are smart enough to understand youll know they are teasing him and its about you.

After reading these signs about your coworker, you need to take a call. There are some dos and donts of dating a work colleague, make sure you take care of those. Maybe you are glad that this male colleague likes you because he even tempts you. It could well be the other way around as well: you are not happy about the fact that your male coworker is interested in you because you never had any interest in him or you are already taken.

Whatever you choose, do it judiciously.Relationships in the workspacedont affect your mind alone; they affect your professional relationship and image both. If the conclusion is affirmative, then you need to figure out your next move. Do you want to avoid him or do you want to encourage him to initiate the confession?

But the best answer to both questions is to have a talk with him. If you realize it and you are sure about it, having a talk can save both time and energy you would invest in waiting for the confession from the other end.

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